A TWC Community Poem

At our monthly Positive Leaders Uplifting Sisters (PLUS) meeting, Mary Bowman led the group in writing a community poem. Each member contributed a line, producing a poem that reflects each member and the group as a whole.

PLUS Group Community Poem

The look of HIV has no face

And I love my life, I’ve accepted my life

I feel like HIV destroyed my life

HIV/AIDS won’t kill me

But denial equals death

HIV lives with me and brightens the road ahead of me

TWC is a place to feel free

Being positive doesn’t mean better days aren’t coming your way

HIV helps me with my health

I’m more aware of me  health since HIV came to my life

Positive people, sincere friends is my wealth

I was homeless with HIV

I live everyday to the fullest, not like it’s my last

Sisters helping sisters to survive

I’ve learned to accept the fact that I am HIV+

Having HIV doesn’t mean that I’m not free

I love myself more than the HIV in front of me

Y’all make me feel so good, so uplifting

Love and friendship is what make me healthy

Without you, there is no me.

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